There is a very healthy voice inside most of us that tells us to check for typos before we send out an email. That same voice inside our heads will allow the very successful athlete to enjoy that moment of success and directly after that return to practicing and the…

There are 2 very important rules in Supply Chain:

1) Nobody knows about the complexity of supply chains until they fail

2) When people without knowledge of supply chains talk about supply chains, something wend very wrong and it takes too long to solve it.

After several months of global…

Looking back!

2021 has been a year of struggles, opportunities, challenges, and surprises. No matter what the balance of these has been for you, we should not forget the losses during this pandemic. Lives have been lost, livelihoods have been destroyed.

The so-called “new normal” appears to include that we have stopped…

Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag

Dad, consultant, coach, speaker, author. Mainly Cyber Security, leadership, responsible tech and organizational change.

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