All eyes on #Metaverse, or maybe not…

Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag
3 min readFeb 15, 2022


Beyond the Metahype…

The moment that Facebook announced it will become Meta and focus its portfolio on dominating the metaverse, 2 things happened. The first thing is that suddenly everything is meta, and the FOMO shockwave is still felt on all channels. Secondly, the series of prediction of what the metaverse is going to be and how everything will happen in the metaverse are hard to miss.

What is missing is the much needed level of critical thinking. Not every piece of Augmented Reality technology is metaverse, and definitely not Facebook’s definition of whatever they want the metaverse to be. Not every process and asset will need to be available in the metaverse. Not every meeting will become meta-nized, despite the hype on social media.

Virtualization will continue to grow. Digital Transformation will continue to progress. Real life will continue to be the most valuable quality time we have. Real life will also continue to be the place where people struggle. Struggle to make a living. Struggle to get education. Struggle to survive!

Meta and its Metaverse, and all the players involved, do not change that we are far behind on delivering sustainability and SDGS. We might want to focus on that before we align all available resources to develop a world that doesn’t really exists!

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