Tension are rising rapidly and cyber is the next (Global) battlefield

Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag
3 min readFeb 22, 2022


Two nations that have been and are very active in cybercrime are now once again rushing forward into a rapidly escalating conflict. The cybergangs from Russia are well known by now, but it would be unwise to underestimate their peers from Ukraine.

Possibly the biggest difference between these 2 groups is that the Russian collectives appear to have some kind of “unofficial approval” and there are several incidents in which they cooperated with state organizations. In Ukraine on the other hand, they appear to be more of an issue that the government can’t get under control.

Now that “there might be” had changed into “there is”, both sides will become even more active, as we have already seen last week when Russian cybergangs attacked Ukraine’s main networks and demonstrated their ability to disrupt life and more.

Before anyone of us might think that this is a localized problem, we should be aware that cyberattacks know no borders and also no ethics. Whomever is impacted is irrelevant, as long as the goals are achieved. “Not our problem” is the worst attitude anyone could have at this moment.

Collateral Cyber Damage

Get your cyber-act together before you become collateral cyber damage!

  • Validate cyber incident recovery plans
  • Validate cyber incident communication plans
  • Step up monitoring
  • Get professional support when needed!

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