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4 min readDec 19, 2021


Season’s Greetings!

The Holidays are coming up fast to bring an end to 2021. It has been a challenging year for many of us, and hopefully Christmas and New Year celebrations will bring you peace and calmness, surrounded by your loved ones.

We might not know what presents we will get, and we might also not know what 2022 will bring, but there is one thing that we do know. Cybercriminals will again abuse these holidays to lure their victims into their traps. And children are no exception to that.

Let us make sure our kids are safe and understand how to use the internet responsibly. Join Internet Safety for Kids to enable kids and parents to enjoy all the good about the internet and defend themselves against the bad.

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Social Media and unsocial media…

The struggle with the toxic behavior of Formula 1 on social media continues and appears to be far from over. What I believed to be an unfortunate mistake turns out to be intended harassment of social media users by Formula 1 and their service provider.

After my first publication, more than 100 people have reached out to me with similar experiences. Some even forwarded the responses from Formula1. And believe me when I say that none of this is pretty and what one would expect from an organization that says “UNLEASH YOUR POTENTIAL: DO THE RIGHT THING” on the first page of their code of conduct!

I have an important decision to make in this matter. I can of course let the lawyers handle this and force Formula 1 to compensate the damages they have caused. That will take a lot of time and at the end of the day it will be again only the lawyers who actually benefit from this.

I am however a community person, and the people in the community who have the courage to share their experiences with the toxic behavior of Formula 1 deserve a voice. A voice that exposes the abuse by a commercial organization throughout all networks.

My brain tells me to go for compensation of damages and costs, but my heart tells me to be the voice for the victims of Formula 1 on Social Media… I will let you know.

Toxic behavior on social media by Formula 1drjdrooghaag.medium.com

What a thrilling F1 season 2021 has been! You might be very happy about the outcome, or very disappointed, but you have to admit that…

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Open Letter to Formula1 by Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaagjohannesdrooghaag.com
If your poorly performing service provider OpSec Security would only damage your reputation and destroy the positive engagement with the social media community, I might shake my head and might even giggle about the utter lack of professionalism. Unfortunately, your service provider caused me damages on your behalf, and that is something I will not accept without appropriate compensation.

Second Open Letter to Formula 1 — CEO Stefano Domenicali — London, we have a problem!johannesdrooghaag.com
Since I use social media very regularly it should be no surprise that I also share my thoughts and opinions about F1 there. Or to be more precious, I did until your service provider Opsec Security decided to issue a malicious and false copyright infringement claim against my account with far reaching consequences and damages resulting from that action.



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